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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How To get more Task

Advertise On This Blog
It's Been While I am Members of blogsvertise . I am very happy with Blogsvertise and it's staff. whenever i have some question which is not in Faq I go this help page to send an email , with in a day some one responce your mail.

Fewdays ago I got and email from blogsvertise there some useful tips about how to get more task . I think this links are very helpful so why not post them here. there only simple 4 things to follow .

1. Blogsvertise recommend it's better to Exchange links with your friends. Make blogs popular by exchanging links and letting others know about blog. Visit other blogs and online communities, put your blog in your signature and network!
Blogger Forum
Geeky Speaky
Digital Point Forums
Blog Catalog
And this is my recommend mybloglog Join Mybloglog communtity . There are more trick and online community where you can exchange your Blog link.

2. when you get Task Always respond to task requests which you get from Blogsvertise . Do NOT just ignore blogsvertise emails- if you do not want a task, make sure you decline it rather than just simply not responding. Not responding to task emails leads to account suspension. once my account was suspend. Read why my account suspened ? Be Active With Blogsvertise Task

3. Whatever happen in your field just write a post about it. be the first to let others know . Keep your blog fresh with content. Keep your blog up-to-date with the latest news in your field, and update your blog regularly so your readers will come back to see whats new.

4. Avoid excessive ads & badges. Avoid badges, bubbles, and copy & pasted disclosure policies. If you Found something intresting in web and you want to tell your readers that you particpate with program, use your own words for your disclosure.

i got many task from Blogsvertise and earn some $$$ not much but I am satisfied with what i am getting . Income in one month is more Then what i am getting from google adsence in six month. so If you have Blog you must have both program together google adsense and Blogsvertise . If you like to join google adsence click Arrival of Google AdSense's PIN Card , and if you have not join follow this link to join

As this post I have post in this blog Tips To get More Task .
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forumer said...

Greeting my fren, hope u always fine. About Pay Per Post, i think u don;t have to wait for them. I'm not working for it anymore because PPP gives more problems to people before. Especially about Google's page rank decrease, (by using PPP buttons).

U still can join with so many others review site like Creamaid, review me, sponsoredreviews, smorty and so on. So if i am you, i just ignore that PPP. K my fren, hope u understand and all the best :)

Bazar online said...

Hi forumer ,
Thanks For your Advice About PPP.

I even Don't think, there are many other Review Sites .
Thanks Forumer I will Try Some other .

Blogsvertise is Working just Ok with me

Anonymous said...

Beach Bum makes $237K a month from laptop and so can you! What are you waiting for?

Solo said...

Nice post man. I just joined blogsvertise and got approved. Hope to start seeing some work coming soon. Thanks for the tips.