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Friday, November 2, 2007

Be Active With Blogsvertise Task

In my Previous Post i have told you Story About My Travel to nepal. I did not use my blog about a months. Because i want to spend my trip is more intresting then just only blogging. but this is like my mistake away from Internet, I got some Task from Blogsvertise. While i have not notice rules About blogsvertise task .(when we recive any task we have to accepet or decline the task with in 5 days anothor our account will be suspended status.).

Click Advertise on My BlogSo I found my Blog is also in suspend status . I was So Sad about this cause I got my account approved after long time . and when i found first task i am already a suspend .

I did Search for reapproved again. and finally I did email to blogsvertise ( Email Form Is on the Help Page ) and tell them my problem and blogsvertise Staff Are Very helpful They Tell Me what to do .
I follow them After 2 days My Problem is Solved .Now my Account is in approved mood . isn't it ?

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This story I am telling you Because, the mistake made, i don't want it's repeat to you. Incase your Blog goes to suspended status. Don't worry Just inform blogsvertise and start get task and earn money again.
Blogsvertise is strange When we wait for Task, we don't get but when we are away they give us task. why :)?

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Forumer said...

Nice to hear that my fren. And i hope you'll get more and more task after this, especially your blogs got better page rank now. Dun forget to look forward to other Pay per post programs, because most of them are good to earn money online.

Best of luck to you :)

Money Maker said...

Thanks My Friend
for your Comments.

I am still trying to do my best.