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Friday, November 20, 2009


Algebra is no more headache

There was a time we are dreaming about Study aboard to get a better degree. But for get a better degree you must have to study very hard. We used to go tuition to study maths and all the weak subject. It's sometimes fun to meet friends during tuition but we realise that we waste lot's of time to go to the tuition center. we waste lot of time for transportation in that tim we can study some other subject at home.

TutorVistaBut now you don't have to waste your time just to go tuition center. Because now you can study tutor ONLINE.

we used to Good in maths but when we reach level K-12 Maths is not easy as in lower level. I found an online tuition which is online tutoring specifically for K-12 and college tutoring. This website is good in many subjects for K-12 and College level students can get benifit for Algebra help, Algebra 2 help, Math answers and more subjects.

TutorVistaSo after read this post you may want to know the Name of the Tuition Center. Name for the Company is Tutor Vista. TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. TutorVista offer an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects
- students can use tuition service as much as they want, whenever they need it. Because Tutoring is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. TutorVista provide free demo for first time user where they can try the service for free. Here i am giving example for Math subject Click here to demo Online algebra tutor

So student can get benifit whenever there is problem just log in and Click Math problems or Algebra word problems.

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Get Rid of a Telemarketer

Have you ever receive a call from Telemarketer, If you have ever receive this kind of call of course you want to hang up the phone but it is very hard to hang up the phone. I have been received so many calls like this, i feel it's so hard to deal with telemarketer. Few days ago i received a forwarded mail from a friend, normally i will mark forwarded mail as spam and delete but that mail has subject 12 Ways to Get Rid of a Telemarketer. So i read and found it is interesting and definitely use it when i counter next Telemarketer. hope you find this post interesting... as i do.

1. If they want to loan you money, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy and
you could sure use some money. Ask, “How long can I keep it? Do I have to
ever pay it back, or is it like the other money I borrowed before my

2. If you get one of those pushy people who won’t shut up, just listen to their
sales pitch. When they try to close the sale, tell them that you’ll need to go get
your credit card
. Then, just set the phone down and go do laundry, shopping or
whatever. See how long that commission based scum waits for you to get your
credit card.

3. If they start out with, “How are you today?” say, “Why do you want to
know?” Or you can say, “I’m so glad you asked, because no one seems to care
these days and I have all these problems, my sciatica is acting up, my eyelashes
are sore, my dog just died….”
When they try to get back to the sales process, just
continue on with telling about your problems.

4. If the person says he’s Joe Doe from the ABC Company, ask him to spell his
name, then ask him to spell the company name,
then ask where it is located.
Continue asking personal questions or questions about the company for as long
as necessary.

5. This one works better if you are male: Telemarketer: “Hi, my name is Julie
and I’m with
Dodger & Peck Services…. You: “Hang on a second.” (few seconds
pause) “Okay, (in a really husky voice) what are you wearing?”

6. Crying out, in well-simulated tones of pleasure and surprise, “Julie!! Is this
really you? I can’t believe it! Julie, how have you BEEN?”
Hopefully, this will
give Julie a few brief moments of terror as she tries to figure out where the heck
she could know you from.

7. Say, “No,” over and over. Be sure to vary the sound of each no, and keep an
even tempo even as they’re trying to speak. This is the most fun if you can keep
going until they hang up

8. If MCI calls trying to get you to sign up with their Family and Friends plan,
reply, in as sinister a voice as you can muster, “I don’t have any friends…would
you be my friend?”

9. If they clean rugs: “Can you get blood out, you can? Well, how about goat
blood or HUMAN blood - chicken blood too?”

10. Let the person go through their spiel, providing minimal but necessary
in the form of an occasional “Uh-huh, really, or, “That’s fascinating.”
Finally, when they ask you to buy, ask them to marry you. They get all flustered,
but just tell them you couldn't give your credit card number to someone who’s a
complete stranger.

11. Tell them you work for the same company they work for. Example:
Telemarketer: “This is Bill from Widget & Associates.” You: “Widget &
Associates!! Hey I work for them too. Where are you calling from?”
Telemarketer: “Uh, Dallas, Texas.” You: “Great, they have a group there too?
How’s business/the weather? Too bad the company has a policy against selling
to employees! Oh well, see ya.”

12. Tell the Telemarketer you are busy and if they will give you their phone
number you will call them back.
If they say they are not allowed to give out
their number, then ask them for their home number and tell them you will call
them at home (this is usually the most effective method of getting rid of
Telemarketers). If the person says, “Well, I don’t really want to get a call at
home,” say, “Yeah! Now you know how I feel.” (smiling, of course…)

So how did you found this Tips to keep away Telemarketer. I will definitely use some tips in my next counter with Telemarketer.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


How to apply Credit Cards

Few days ago we have read few post related with credit cards, Bad Credit Credit Cards and another post by Ekarin Bumroongpuk in how to open Bank accounts for foreigners . As he left note at the end of the post he will post another tips for personal finance for expatriates. So this post is posted on same Nation website.

Various CREDIT CARDsHope this post will help foreigners who lived in Thailand and willing to have domestically issued credit cards. Because domestically issued credit cards will allow you to receive benefits from regular retail promotions, lucky prize draws, discounts and loyalty programmes. By using local cards, foreigners can also save the foreign-exchange fee charged when using foreign-issued credit cards in Thailand. Normally it's very hard to get one domestically issued credit cards for the foreigners in Thailand, but not impossible. Anyway this post will help you to get some idea about the process to get credit cards in Thailand.

Thai banks set guidelines on minimum local work experience and monthly income for foreign customers wishing to use plastic money.

For a credit-card application, each card issuer requires:
Minimum monthly income "each bank has different conditions" see list below

Copies of valid passport and visa

Copy of valid work permit

Income evidence

For Expats, domestically issued credit cards will allow you to receive benefits from regular retail promotions, lucky prize draws, discounts and loyalty programmes (See picture Below). By using local cards, foreigners can also save by not having to pay the foreign-exchange fee charged when using foreign-issued credit cards in Thailand.

Example of Thai credit card promotion

However, each bank has different conditions for credit-card applications. lets see this series about financial products for Expats gathered by The Nation.

The Bangkok Bank credit card is available to foreign applicants who are permanent residents or have had a work permit for at least one year, while other conditions are the same as for Thai applicants.

SAMPLE CREDIT CARDKasikorn bank requires foreign customers to have a minimum of one year's work experience in Thailand to apply for a credit card, with a minimum monthly income of at least Bt50,000.

They must also provide a credit bureau's authorization, and their work permit must be valid for at least six month after the application date. Customers will be informed of the approval result within 16 days for applications in Bangkok and 19 days upcountry.

Siam Commercial Bank requires a work permit and minimum monthly salary of Bt100, 000, compared with Thai applicants' minimum income of Bt15, 000. The bank also needs foreign customers to show a bank statement covering the past six months.

Krung Thai Bank (KTC) requires foreign applicants to have had a work permit for at least two years, but their requirement for minimum monthly income is Bt15, 000, the same as for Thai applicants. They must also show a bank statement covering the past three months and their passport.

TMB Bank offers two choices of credit-card applications for foreigners. The first requires lending deals with corporations of at least three years and a minimum credit line of Bt30 million. Expats employed by these companies are eligible to apply for a TMB Bank credit card. A work permits must also be shown.

The second choice is offered to individual foreigners who open a fixed-deposit account with the bank. They must use the account as collateral for their credit-card application and will receive a credit line of not more than 80 per cent of the deposit amount.

Bank of Ayudhya requires three years' local work experience and a minimum monthly income of Bt50, 000 for a classic card and one year's local work experience and a monthly salary of Bt100, 000 for gold and platinum cards. Self-employed customers should have average cash flow in their bank account of Bt350, 000 a month or more for the classic card and Bt700, 000 or more for gold and platinum cards. Applicants must submit copies of their passport and work permit valid for at least six months. Company employees need a copy of a payroll slip and a bank statement covering the past six months.

Remember that if any of your credit cards has been lost, stolen or retained by an ATM or if you suspect you have been the victim of fraud, contact your card issuer immediately.

In canceling your card or putting a hold on your account, you will be liable for all transactions made before notifying the bank.

Hope this post will help you to understand what is the conditions to get domestically issued credit cards. Also you can visit Thai bank website for more infomation.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Bad Credit Credit Cards

Hope you have enjoyed post How to open bank account in Thailand. This Post is about Bad Credit credit cards, but is not related with Thailand, but anyhow we will increase Some knowledge about Bad credit credit cards.
Bad credit credit cards are specifically designed for people who have limited credit score, unsatisfactory credit history, or those who are looking to get their credit back on track.

It usually takes about seven years to eliminate the bad credit mark on a person’s credit history. With today’s growing tendency of buy-now-pay-later, a large number of people have fallen prey of bad credit. Consequently, bad credit credit cards have now become widely available, particularly designed for people with bad credit.

SAMPLE CREDIT CARDIn addition to the various advantages that a typical credit card offers, bad credit credit cards also help the individual to rebuild a fine credit rating and profile. (left pictures is just only Sample For the function in website.)

I would like to recommend you a site to read some more detail about different bad credit Credit Cards that issued by many banks.Credit Cards Various
Credit Cards Club click picture Below
Credit Cards Club


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Saturday, April 11, 2009


How to open bank account

If you are a foreigner in Thailand and ever tried to open Bank account. You may know how difficult to open Bank account for foreigner. It is quite difficult, because we don’t know the right process. For those who have work permits or Long stay Visa such as Student Visa, retirement visa etc can open Bank account easily.
But those who just visit In the country as tourist it's quite hard to Open bank account. But don't worry here i have found an useful information about, How to open Bank accounts in Thailand. It is written by Ekarin Bumroongpuk and published on The Nation website

Bank accounts for foreigners

By Ekarin Bumroongpuk
The Nation
Published on June 26, 2008

A look at the qualification criteria at various institutions and the documents you need
Expatriates living and working in Thailand need to conduct financial transactions such as opening a bank account, applying for a credit card, money transfers, investment and insurance. But due to their foreign status there are some transactions they cannot undertake.

The Nation has gathered information on what expatriates can and cannot do in terms of products offered by local financial institutions.

Let's begin with a truly fundamental product - the bank account.

Foreigners are classified into four groups: permanent residents in Thailand, foreigners with a work permit, foreigners with a long-stay visa (non-immigrant) such as international students, and foreigners with a tourist visa.

The first group are foreigners who live in Thailand. They are supposed to show an alien certificate and copy of their house registration for identity verification. The second group needs to show a passport and a work permit.

In general, Thai commercial banks require a work permit and a passport to open a savings account, current account and fixed-deposit account.

For example, Siam Commercial Bank and Bank of Ayudhya require a minimum work-permit period of six months. Kasikornbank ( used to Thai Farmers Bank) requires the same but if a foreigner has no work permit, they must show a document which confirms that their stay in Thailand is for at least three months ( Some Hope to Open Bank account without Work Permit.)

Foreigners with these required documents are qualified to open bank accounts and hold a debit or ATM card.

However, there are still many foreigners who have no work permit, such as foreign students who hold a long-stay visa. Therefore, they need to hand in confirmation documents from their colleges or school. A foreigner with no work permit is supposed to supply any additional documents that a bank may require, before it decides whether to approve the application.

Among the large banks, only Bangkok Bank allows foreigners with tourist visas can open a ‘Resident Baht Account’ and make transactions via any Bangkok Bank’s counter or you can apply for a Be1st debit card to use within Thailand. This account provides foreigners with tourist visas access to their funds from any ATM machine in the country however, foreigners will not be able to access funds from overseas. However, applications from this category are considered on a case-by-case basis and tourists must stay at least 180 days in the Kingdom.

Foreigners who enter Thailand via an on-arrival visa - valid for 30 days - will not be considered.

A Bangkok Bank savings account requires a minimum initial deposit of Bt500, plus a Bt100 joining fee and Bt150-Bt200 annually for an ATM card or Be1st debit card.

A current account, which allows customers to use cheques, requires a much higher minimum initial deposit of Bt10,000. However, very few retailers in Thailand accept cheques, except when there is an established relationship with the customer.

Fixed-deposit accounts require a minimum initial deposit of Bt1,000-Bt2,000 and customers can choose from a range of periods, such as three months, six months or one year.

Right now, Bangkok Bank is keen to expand its expatriate customer base. It is, therefore, inviting Immigration Bureau staff to train its employees on the basic rules on classifying foreigners into various visa and work-permit categories.

-- This is the first article in a series about personal finance for expatriates. The second part will appear next week.
Source: - Bank accounts for foreigners
Secret Tip To Make Bank manager happy is Telling that you need the account for transfer some money from your home country, they like that.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


EquiLeads fresh Everyday

A lead, in a marketing context, is a potential sales contact: an individual or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Leads are typically obtained through the referral of an existing customer, or through a direct response to advertising/publicity. So if you have good lead it’s easy to make best impression on your Costumers.
A company's marketing department is typically responsible for lead generation. has a large network of lead generation for over 8 years. is the primary Source for the Leads Making, so their Leads are neither old nor oversold, and EquiLeads know the origin of each and every lead that they received, Equileads slogan is “We guarantee our Leads to be fresh or you don’t pay!”. You can recive your lead in your email and easy to download to Excel .

Customers are Always Important for Equileads , It’s has better Customer Service, even if you buy one lead a week or 100 leads a week you will be treated with friendly and respectable environment .

Except from Selling Leads, has a large network of Financial Services such as mortgage, loan for Car, Boat, RV or anything, insurance for Home, car , health care etc, and credit card processing. has very good affiliate program that affiliate websites refer many partner to this websites that feed into cherry-pick system. So the fresh leads are screened for bogus names and uploaded through out day.

If you have your own Blog or website you can Monetize Your Site with the Equileads Affiliate Program .
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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Some Facts of Celebrities

It's been long time i have not posting any post. So just for share some information about Facts of Celebrities. while i am browsing my favorite site I notice Some Facts of Celebrities which you may find interesting too.

1. Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” for 1938 was Adolf Hitler.

2. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.

3. Jennifer Lopez started taking singing and dancing lessons at age 5.

4. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo on her stomach that spells out the Latin words meaning “What Nourishes Me Also Destroys Me.”

She have just update her body with new tattoo. The coordinates are in the degrees, minutes, seconds notation and comprise one of Jolie’s 13 known tattoos.

So what do the coordinates mean on Angelina’s shoulder?

Here is the explanation of the coordinates and what they mean…

BEFORE AFTER UPDATE The first coordinate on her shoulder - N 11 33 0 E 104 51 00 - pinpoints a spot near a pond just outside the airport in the Cambodian capital of Phomn Penh where, supposedly, Maddox, was born.

The second coordinate - N 09 02 00 E 038 45 00 - leads to a house in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, where her daughter Zahara was born.

The third one - S 22 40 26 E 14 31 40 - zeros in on the Namibian beach resort of Swakopmund where she gave birth to Shiloh in 2006.

The fourth coordinate - N 10 46 0 E 106 41 40 - links to the Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City where adopted son Pax Thien was born in 2003.

Angelina Jolie has updated the 'rainbow family' tattoo on her shoulder with the birthplace coordinates ( N 43 41 21 E 07 14 28 ) of her new twins VIVIENNE and KNOX.

5. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

6. Musician Eric Clapton grew up thinking his mother was his sister.

7. Brad Pitt is banned from entering China because of his role in “Seven Years in Tibet”.

8. Actress Demi Moore is totally blind in her left eye after undergoing an operation to correct a squint when she was a child.

9. Tom Hanks collects 1940’s typewriters.

10. Tom Cruise once enrolled in a seminary to become a priest but dropped out after only one year.

11. George Clooney is terrified of earthquakes.

12. The Beatles have sold more records than anyone else with over a billion worldwide.

13. Oprah Winfrey’s production company Harpo is Oprah spelt backwards.

14. Tom Cruise started wearing braces in 2002. He removes them during filming.

16. Steven Spielberg is Drew Barrymore’s godfather. After seeing her nude in Playboy magazine, he sent her a blanket with a note telling her to cover herself up.

17. Hitler was claustrophobic. They had to install a mirror in an elevator just to keep him from being scared.

18. When young impoverished, Pablo Picasso kept warm by burning his own paintings.

19. George Washington grew Marijuana in his garden.

20. Mickey Mouse was the first non-human to win Oscar.

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