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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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This is what mostly blogger believe that there are some key words like a debit card, loan, debt, donation. That brings high paying Google ads to your blog. I believe some how it's true. For example Yesterday when i checked my Google AdSense account I wonder with my earning report for previous day , there is 436 page impressions and just only 1 click but earning is US$1.22 . See screen shot for 01/09/08, 31/08/08 and yesterday. If you compare this Reports you'll have some idea on Google AdSense. click screen shots to enlarge.

Earning report for 01/09/2008

Did you get what i mean? OK i will try to tell you why i am talking about this. Normally when your blog readers click on some Google ads you'll earn revenue. Google ads are appear in your blog according to your blog post. normally per ads click you earn 0.10 cents or 0.20 cents. but there are some keywords that pay you more then a US$10 or even US$20. ( Some of my Blogger friends told me There is some Google ads that pay you More Then US$50 for just only 1 Click. ) . I will leave this issue to find out which words paying high revenue.

Earning report for 31/08/2008

So i am talking about My AdSense Account earn US$1.22 , which is first time i ever earn that much by a Single Click. And the earnings for previous day is 0.27 cents ( 2 clicks at Google AdSense 0.22 cents and 1 click at Google search 0.05 cents.) i have posted screen shots of each day earnings. and earnings for today is page impression 446 but earning is only 0.07 cents and single Click but it's normal rate. see picture.

Earning report for 02/09/2008

Now, you get what i mean, don't you? I wonder what is the ads that make me earn US$ 1.22 , i guess Some Ads may be Citi bank , Visa card, Car donation, best term life insurance or may be bad credit mortgage . I guess these are the ads who pay high revenue.

for more info :
If you remember the post High Paying keywords or Words with High revenue in this blog. If you have not read visit the following links to get some idea of high paying keywords, because these high paying keywords we can use when we right new post for a blog. Benefit of insert high paying keywords is that we are going to get Google Ads that pay high rate. Some example keywords are below

Keyword (Clicks ) (Av. Cost Per Click (C.P.C.) )
auto insurance quotes 35 $48.93
alicante car hire 28 $42.67
alicante airport car hire 15 $41.67
aarp health insurance 4.3 $34.93
atlas travel insurance 2.7 $34.52
aa car insurance 21 $34.04
auto insurance quote 27 $30.61
asbestos cancer 4 $29.03, air ambulance service 1.5 $28.06
affordable life insurance 0.9 $27.77
auto cheap insurance 30 $27.41
anti spam programs 0.82 $27.30
auto insurance online quote 6.1 $25.96
American cancer society car donation 0.1 $25.53
anti spam software 11 $25.26
apple ipod uk 14 $24.48
bay area car donation ( 0.37 ) ( $36.43 )
budget car insurance 12 $25.56, baines and ernst 0.76 $24.09
bad credit mortgage 46 $23.95, business health insurance 20 $22.16
bad credit home loan 10 $22, bill consolidation 17 $21.62
best home equity loan rate 0.47 $21.33, body by jake 57 $20.62
best term life insurance 1.2 $20.29
bad credit home equity loan 2.5 $19.82
best home equity loan 1.1 $19.68
blue cross health insurance 6.1 $19.21
blockbuster video 120 $19.04
conference call services ( 17 ) ( $73.42 ) , conference calling services 0.83 $50.51
conference calling 13 $48.95, cheap conference call 0.18 $47.30
consolidating student loans 2.8 $46.48
Columbus travel insurance 5.1 $44.65
consolidate student loans 5.3 $44.30
consolidate loan student 1.8 $43.36
conference calling service 0.5 $43.09
chase visa credit cards 37 $42.59
car donation atlanta 0.05 $42.12
consolidation loan 38 $42.08
donate car ( 45 ) ( $52.57 )
debt consolidation loan 15 $50.95
donating cars 3.1 $45.96
donate your car 6.3 $43.45
debt consolidation 240 $39.88, debt loan 6.7 $38.74
donate cars 7.1 $37.77
discount conference calling 0.27 $35.51
donation car in 2.7 $33.38
debt management 21 $31.85
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Solo said...

Thank you much for sharing this. I did not know that there's such a thing before. It makes sense because sometimes I get confused the way google get their earnings.

Money and blog said...

Thank you very much for your comments. i appreciate your comments. really it's hard to tell how you will get high revenue but we can just guess. That's how this post is here.

Hope you will enjoying visit my blog