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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last month's Revenue by Lens

It's Time to announce about revenue donation. Last month My blog lens donated 100% earnings or revenue to The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. I have posted a post about this in What you did with your revenue ?

So i am Glad to say that this months my earning is more then last months. This months revenue $1.76 (last month $1.39) . So i donated 100% revenue to The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation.

LAST MONTHS DONATION if you want to create your own lens and donate your revenue to your desired charitable funds i.e. Donate to the Squidoo Charity Fund, Action against hunger, Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation, Wildlife SOS and many more you can choose where you like to donate or if you want your revenue in to Cash. It's all Up to you what you want to do with your earning money by blogs or lens.

You can also help charitable funds by sign up , using my referral link . Once you earn $15 both (you and me) get extra $5 bonus. Making Lens in Squidoo is just simple 3 steps to go and your lens is ready. it's very easy . Have look my lens
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