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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amazon Associates gift Card 2

Good News !!
I have recieved My 2nd Amazon's Gift card notification on my email inbox. Since i am using Amazon Make Money Services . This is second Gift card from Amazon ( see how much i earn from 1st Amazon Associates gift Card ).
Thank you very much for Amazon and readers Who have help me by purchasing Books, Cd and etc using my Amazon referral Links. Hope you always check Amazon before you buying Any Books, from somewhere else. You will always get Good Discounts at amazon.

Each time when reader by Goods from Amazon using my referral links i get commission of up to 4% to 10% . read more how it works at Amazon Make Money Services .

If you have blog or website and you are intresting to use Amazon Join Now .

you can make money while you recommend books , music, iphone or anything to your readers. If you have Amazon's Visa Credit Cards, you will get US$30 Discount for the first time purchase at Amazon.

Isn't it Great?

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