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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Amazon Associates Gift Card

If you remembar my old post Amazon Make Money Services . where i have recommended a program to make money Online from

Few days ago I received Amazon's Gift card notification on my email inbox. Since i am using Amazon Make Money Services . It is first Time that i got some thing from Amazon. because they will pay you or sned you cheque or gift cards when you account reaches more then US$ 10 you will able to receive Gift cards and More then $50 you will get Cheque (you can choose the paying meathod). So i have choose Gift cards to receive my comission, which i can use when i purchase goods from Amazon.

I think it's not a big issue but it's worth to share what i have earn by online . Received my first Amazon Gift card of US$16.86 (see how it's looks like in left picture) . $16.86 is not a big amount but I get this just recommend some products to my readers and when they buy something using my referal Code. Participant of associates will earn up to 10% comission, isn't it Great? If you are Interested Why don't you join Amazon associates . Join Now

Once you join the program, Amazon will give you access to Associates Central, their extranet exclusive to amazon's Associates. This is the place where you will build your links, view your traffic and earnings reports, and read about the latest news and opportunities available to you through the program. Participation is Easy and Free complete the online application.

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