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Monday, November 3, 2008

The “World of Money” exhibition

Let’s explore the past and the future of the world of money.
Good News! you may have wanted to know about the origin of the money we use today in Thailand, but never found an answer. Money has played a crucial role since ancient times and has become increasingly important in the modern world.

In ancient times, people began trading using the barter system – direct exchange of surplus for needed goods, such as rice and pottery. Later on, commonly required objects were used as an exchange medium, such as utensils and ornaments. When science and technology advanced further, metals were minted into a variety of different coins. Bank notes were later introduced by foreign bank branches to facilitate growing international trade. Since that time bank notes have evolved continuously in terms of both material and printing technology in order to prevent forgery.

Since the launch of computerized banking services, a number of different services have emerged, such as online deposits, withdrawals, transfers across branches, and plastic money like debit cards and credit cards such as: Visa Card, Master cards, American express, JCB, diners club, etc. These services let buyers and sellers conduct financial transactions more conveniently. Settlement methods do not have to be in concrete form like physical money as long as it can ensure the confidence of the concerned parties in the trading system. Money has therefore evolved from the concrete to the abstract, e.g. electronic money.

The Thai Bank Museum, established by Siam Commercial Bank PCL – the first Thai Bank in service for more than a century, and the National Science Museum under the Ministry of Science and Technology will jointly organize a “World of Money” exhibition to showcase science and technologies in relation to money for the first time in Thailand.

At the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to realize the value of knowing about Thailand's monetary history, and learn theories, applied sciences, and technology related to monetary and banking development from the past through to the future. Hands-on experience – touching, experiments, self-learning – is available for visitors through exhibition media and activities.

The “World of Money” exhibition will open to the public during 3-29 November 2008 (Monday-Saturday) from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Thai Bank Museum, Siam Commercial Bank PCL Head Office.
Admission is free.
If you want to visit in group, don't forget to make reservations at 02 544-4525-7.

Source: Siam Commercial Bank PCL
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