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Monday, January 7, 2008

Can We really Earn Money By Shareapic ?

Hi Guys , It's Been Long Time I haven't Get Any Topic to write. But I am online Everyday and busy with other Blogs .
My greater aim for This Blog is Inform you about The Tricks how to Earn money online and Earn for myself . And some tricks That i have advise is really works Like Google AdSense program, Amazon Associates Program, Blogsvertise more....

Recently I did recommend( Shareapic Where sharing is rewarded ) earn money program from Hosting Your Picture at Shareapic . Publisher get paid for hosting their Picture online and share with friends and others. But their Payments are Too low to make a dollar. Shareapic pays US$ 0.22 for every 1000 image views.

I guess it's very low to get any money from them(see pictures for my Income From Shareapic Period about 2 Months). I remember One of my blogger friend forumer told me,"Inform me If you ever receiving from Shareapic."
Now I understand what does he mean. It's too low paid program.

But another hand we can upload many pictures as much as we want easy to upload and paste anywhere we want and share with friends and family. so I recommend This site again for Host your Image at Shareapic but don't Hope earning any money by sharing your Pictures Online .
And My request for Shareapic Plz Increase your paying.

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CresceNet said...

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Money and Blog said...

Hello CresceNet, Thanks for your Comments.
I visit your website. I like it.
Hope you will Add my Blog soon.
Plz give me your Url and detail so I can add your website in mine too.

su2000 said...

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