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Monday, January 21, 2008

Before getting paid by Google

Google AdSense Is Very popular Words Among Blogger and Website Owner. It's pay Revenue for Showing Google ads in your Blogs Or website. All you have to do is Just sign up for a Account for Google AdSense, now you can sign up from my blog using button on the top left of this blog. after showing ads in your blog you will be paid when your balance reach $100. It's very Easy way to earn money while you are doing what you like just blogging. also see my post Earn More By refer Google AdSense for more Info.

So It's Time to paid, because your Account reach $100. so what next many blogger Think at first when their account reach $100. So here is some Steps you should notice Before You Getting Paid by Google AdSense Program. Also Visit Google Payments Guide

1. Check your address
Since payments are sent to the mailing address submitted with your application, it's important to confirm the accuracy of your contact information and payee name. If you need to correct any information:
Log into your account at
Select the My Account tab.
Click the edit link adjacent to Payee Information and update the appropriate fields.
Click Save Changes to update your account, or Cancel to exit without saving.
For security reasons, you cannot change the Payee Name or Country fields once your application has been approved. If you need to make changes to either of these fields, please contact Google and request that Google close your account. Once your request has been processed, you will then be able to submit a new application with the corrected payee name and mailing address.

2. Provide your tax information
In addition to confirming your contact information, you'll need to submit your tax information so that you may become eligible to receive a payment from Google. Google collect tax-related information from all AdSense publishers, including publishers who are based outside of the U.S. , and Google is unable to send payment to you until your information has been submitted. So don't skip this step!
If you haven't yet submitted your tax information, click the Tax Information link from the My Account tab. From this page, an easy-to-use wizard interface will help guide you to the appropriate online forms. You're able to submit most forms online, and Google 'll give you instructions on submitting any other forms that may be required.

3. Select your form of payment
Depending on your payment address, there may be a number of payment options available to you — we suggest you read What forms of payment are available to me? in the AdSense Support center to learn about each option. Once you've decided how you'd like to be paid, click the Payment Information [edit] link from the My Account tab of your AdSense account. Follow the instructions on that page to select your form of payment. Your payments will be held until you have selected a form of payment.

4. Enter your PIN
Once you've earned $50 in combined AdSense for content and AdSense for search earnings, we'll mail a Personal Identification Number to the payment address in your account. You'll need to enter this PIN into your account before we can send any payments to you. Your PIN will be sent by standard post and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. It take me 4 weeks to receive I will tell you later about this .

5. Generate $100 in earnings
When your total unpaid earnings reach $100, we'll send you a payment at the end of the next month. For example, if your total unpaid earnings reached $100 during January and you completed the 4 steps above, we would send you a payment at the end of February.
If your total unpaid earnings haven't yet reached $100, they'll roll over to the next month and accrue until they meet the $100 threshold.Payment is disbursed within approximately 30 days of the end of the month — to see the timeline of our payment cycle, read the Payment Timelines section below.

So Best Of luck Now you are Ready to Receive cheque from Google Adsense If You have not Joined Just sign up By click button on the Top Left Of This Blog.
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