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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Share your Pictures online

Most of us have atleast one blog ,why don't you start Anthor One more Blogs to Share your Pictures With your friend.Another recent way of making money online has been through some picture-sharing websites. ofcource we also add google adsence Program on this blog or websites And Earn money while your friends and familly ,if you want you can make it public too.
People can upload their pictures to a website, and the more views the image receives, the more money they can expect to earn.

Currently Share Picture is the only website that we are aware of which pays other users to share their pictures on the Internet, though there are bound to be more sites like this cropping up on the Internet soon.
Share A Pic has just under a thousand members, which is pretty good considering the site hasn’t been established for very long. Membership at the site is completely free, to join you simply have to visit the site and fill in the application form on the page.
Readears can browse through other member’s images, and also members of the public can view the images on the front page.
You can upload the images to your own blog, website, bebo, faceparty, facebook, myspace and any other kind of social sites you might use. Then when people view your images you can still earn money – and by being able to upload the images to various other sources, you are therefore multiplying your own revenue .
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