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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogsvertise Account

It's Like My Try Post . Good news My This Blog is Approved By Click to Blogsvertise . So After Fewdays I am going to Receive different Task For different Product and website. (that's what i heard from my Friend forumer .)
So This Blog is approved ,I didn't belive it's happen very fast . Now i just have to wait for task .

As this blog title moneyandblog . i have to Prove that Money and Blogs can go together.

my request to is just show the oppurtunity in the different website offering you. All you have to do your own.( because i am also a learner ) but belive me it's not hard to make money online. it's take time but it will.

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forumer said...

Wow, congrats my fren. I'm hepi to hear that and hope you'll succeed. Just be patient, it maybe not so fast but let make it for our long term planning :)

Don't forget to submit all your blog there, maybe one of them will attract blogsvertise to give you tasks ;)